Playgroup Program

Playgroup Program provides children aged 1.5 – 2 with opportunities for learning through movement, exploration, and connection. Learning goals for infants focus on movement skills, language development, developmental milestones, fine motor development, social skills, and the joy of every child.

During this stage of development, infants move through sensitive periods for movement, hand-eye coordination, language, order, small objects, and toilet training. The design of the infant classroom, and the educational materials within in, reflect these interests and provide rich opportunities for learning.
Similarly, the daily routine reflects this age groups need for consistency and repetition, while embracing children’s individual needs, interests, stage of development, and learning styles.

Learning Goals

  • Uses simple gestures to communicate
  • Explores objects in different ways
  • Chooses an activity and packs it away
  • Plays alongside others
  • Knows the names of body parts, colours, and shapes
  • Beginning to use one to two word phrases
  • Demonstrates independence skills such as self-feeding
  • Achieving physical development milestones such as walking, climbing and jumping