Nursery Program

Nursery Program is a structured academics and wellbeing program that prepares children aged 3 – 4 years for their transition to school. It expands on the foundational knowledge fostered by previous programs and assists in developing confidence, independence, problem-solving, creativity, and real-life skills.

Program offers children a dynamic learning environment where they are empowered to choose their work, follow their interests, and progress at their own pace. Within this space, children develop their independence, refine their concentration, and explode into learning as they develop their intelligence and higher-level brain processes. Between the ages of three and four preschoolers move through sensitive periods for language, order, grace and courtesy, the senses, writing, small objects, music, reading, spatial relationships, and mathematics.

Learning Goals

  • Formation of individual letters and numbers
  • Recognises numerals and counts by rote
  • Can write and recognise their own name
  • Participates in physical activities and follows the rules of games
  • Shows self-confidence and interacts well with others
  • Ability to concentrate and work independently
  • Responds to challenges and demonstrates problem-solving skills