Montessori Lab

Beautiful, inviting, thoughtfully arranged lab with soft colours and uncluttered spaces set the stage for calm and focused activity in the learning environment. The essence of Dr Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy is the holistic development of the child, and every element of the learning curriculum supports this goal, including the design of the lab. This area represents the most enriching, stimulating and experiential way of learning. The Montessori system of education has come a long way in influencing child pedagogy.

Learning materials are displayed on accessible shelves fostering freedom of choice as students go about their work. There are well defined spaces for each part of the curriculum such as Language, Sensorial, Art, Math and Culture.

By working in this purposefully designed lab, Montessori children are encouraged to develop independence, foster social skills, and find joy in learning.

Notable features that set this learning spaces apart from normal rooms are –

  • Lab has an area devoted to peace and reflection, a quiet corner with well-chosen items
  • The Montessori classroom radiates harmony and respect.
  • Members address each other respectfully and in modulated tones. There are no raised voices; no rude or hurtful behaviour.
  • There is a busy hum of activity, yet also profound respect for silence. Students show grace and courtesy, and an interest in the welfare of others. “Let me help!” is a common classroom refrain. Students work together as stewards of their environment.
  • Children take turns caring for plants; do their part to maintain order and help keep outdoor spaces groomed and litter-free.
  • Our Montessori lab is equipped with specially designed multi—sensory materials (Sensorial materials) with a purpose to refine, enhance and train child’s senses.
  • Also there are materials (Practical Life) which are familiar to children and are seen in their daily routines but are never allowed to even touch them. Here, children are not only free to touch them or hold them but they learn the precise usage of these materials. By doing such activities children feel independent, confident and well prepared to perform higher level activities. A wonderful example would be that after learning such day—to day activities at preschool age, when children enter in formal school, they are able to do most of the things by themselves such as tying shoelaces, opening and closing tiffin boxes, water bottles, bags, or dressing themselves up. Doing all these tasks by themselves may appear simple to adults but for the children, it gives them great sense of achievement and independence.
  • Our Montessori lab is also equipped with the materials (Mathematics) for the clarity and understanding of the concepts of numbers to enhance the logical and analytical abilities of children and to develop love for maths at an early age.
  • There are also materials (Language) to enhance and enrich language skills. Using a multi—sensory approach, discovering language becomes interesting, fun filled and creative for our children.
  • Apart from this, there are many interesting and beautiful concrete materials (Culture) which create an awesome awareness of the world around him/her in a miniature form. Our thoughtfully designed activities heighten the child’s awareness and sensitivity to his immediate environment. They learn a lot about not only their culture but also the cultures from across the world, thus inculcating values of love and respect towards every culture.