Dear Parents,
We hope you are staying safe within the comforts of your home and we are sure our little ones are doing great as well. Children are the most positive humans on the face of earth and the positivity they exude is phenomenal. But there is still some more time until our children get back to their classrooms, playgrounds, pools, toy stores and their usual whereabouts such as parks and play areas.

To keep our children entertained during the COVID-19 lockdown, Sanskar Preschool and Day Care has taken up the initiative to share educational videos, audios and presentations with parents via the online channels. This educational data empowers parents with lucrative ideas to constructively engage their child with fun activities while they are at home.

The little minds are always bursting with energy, hence to keep their hands occupied, we, the Sanskar Team share videos twice, every week. Though our school premises are closed, but we ensure the studies don’t get affected and children do not forget what they have learnt, we decided to follow a schedule.

Its been a month since we started sharing the videos, prepared by our teachers, and the kind of response we are receiving from the parents is overwhelming. The parents are happy with the fact that children now follow a routine and they excitedly look forward to these engaging activities sent by our teachers.

Last week, the government also launched a week long “Bharat Padhe Online” campaign to crowd source ideas for improving the online education ecosystem. Following the suit, Sanskar Preschool is teaching children rhymes, phonics, craft and culture through engaging and easy to comprehend videos for each class group. We ideate and come up with interesting concept training for parents to do with our preschoolers at home.

We request our parents to come on the forefront and share the photos or videos of your ward following what the teachers have prepared, as well as interesting ideas of your own, on WhatsApp group of your ward’s class.


  • To maintain an organised schedule: Sanskar is offering educational videos made by the teachers catering to specific classes.
  • Sticking to a time table: We share the videos twice a week on a fixed time so that parents and children can plan their day accordingly.
  • Learning new concepts: Educating our children on topics such as ‘Earth Day’ or ‘World Book Day’ and many more.
  • Yoga and physical exercises: These are essential for mental development, physical growth and emotional stability.
  • Resourceful learning: We devise ways to make use of resources easily available at home like homemade glue, homemade play dough, using newspaper and waste objects.
  • Cleanliness, a must: We advise our children to help parents by teaching them how cleaning can be fun.
  • Parent child bonding: Parents are encouraged to play board games and reading out books to our children and creating craft items by following steps taught by our teachers.

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